Who we are

Who we are


Di.Gi.Emme has been operating in the fields of cold metal stamping and transfer technology since 1974.

We design and produce turn-key transfer systems and lines, toolings, mechanical and servo transfers, mechanical and servo presses and feeding systems for any industry.

We also provide presswork services, including the manufacture of the finished component.


The continuous evolution of the market has led us to produce extremely high-quality equipment and components and to explore new paths.
Thus, we are able to meet our customers’ needs and to supply the best technical solutions – so as to optimize the production, reducing the time, the labor, and the material consumption.

Over the years we have developed close-knit relationships with highly qualified partners.

In this way, we have created a network of suppliers that enables us to challenge demanding projects.

Thanks to these solid partnerships, we are able to guarantee our customers consistent, high-quality and cost-effective solutions.


Di.Gi.Emme Milestones

2019First high performance feeding calender
2016Acquisition of FEA simulation solution for metal forming process
2013TE2AV3700, high-speed compact servo transfer
2010Electromechanical transfer
2005Start of collaboration with Oti Presse for the supply of complete plants
2005New servo transfer TE2AV2
2003The family's second generation joins the company
2001Complete tooling design in 3D
2000Acquisition of a new plant dedicated to the production of stamping components
1999Certification ISO 9001
1996T150R2S, high-speed mechanical transfer (up to 250 spm)
1996Start of a new cooperation for production of stamping components
1995Expansion of the plant in Carugo with an area focused on testing toolings and turnkey lines
1993First of several patent solutions for transfer tooling to save raw material
1986T200, new generation of mechanical transfer unit
1985First servo transfer TEM
1984First high-performance electronic power supply
1982New plant in Carugo (Como, Italy), dedicated to tooling manufacturing
1979First complete plant
1975First mechanical transfer T150
1974Di.Gi.Emme foundation