Transfer Toolings

Our transfer toolings are extremely flexible and appropriate for a wide range of applications. They can manage different production volumes – from a few thousands to millions of components per year – always ensuring efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness, thanks to our experience and patented innovations.

For any industry

Suitable for any market when standard solutions are not enough

Quality & lifetime

Tooling components, designed to guarantee stability and robustness, according to the functionality of each stamping operation, not influenced by the size of the stamping component

Patent solutions

Patent solutions available to our customers: orbital cutting, fine-blanking, blanking solutions for material saving

Material saving

The minimum raw material that the product requires. Fast optimization of the first blank without compromising the layout of the tooling

High production rate

High performing 2-axis transfer tooling, up to 500 pcs/min

Fine-blanking, patent solution

Patent solution for fine-blanking, sharpening over 50.000 strokes. Not just fine-blanking, other forming operations in the same tools as well.

Assembly & in-line operations

Not just stamping: handling of the components, assembly, threading, welding and other in-line operations

Versioning & rapid maintenance

Rapid replacement of the tooling components. Several versions of the product on one single tooling